Pallet Racking Components

Today's Dexion offers two great pallet racking choices. For over sixty-five years, Dexion Keylock has set the pallet racking bar high. It has been, and remains, the choice of thousands of warehouses and facilities across Australia. And in new Speedlock, Dexion has created the perfect stable mate. Speedlock offers a leap forward in component design, with greater beam and upright choice as well as class-leading load carrying capacity.

All of Dexion's Pallet racking components have been designed and independently tested for Australian Standard AS4084:2012 and European Standard 15512:2009 (formally FEM) compliance at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), Australia. UTS have conducted over 1000 tests on Dexion's racking components. The thoroughness of Dexion's testing procedures ensure Dexion components perform to their stated loads. Further more, this provides peace-of-mind in quality components which have been put to the test before they reach the distribution centre floor.