Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency This paperless system offers vastly improved order fulfilment efficiency and accuracy by enabling information to be captured at the point of action in real time. In addition to the picking process, RF can be used throughout a warehouse or DC for tasks such as receiving, put away and despatch.

RF devices are available in a range of forms. Besides the more common hand-held format, there are models that can be vehicle mounted and even worn for hands-free operation. We are able to converge RF with other paperless technologies, such as Pick-to-Light and Voice, for a best fit solution that manages effectively what needs to be done across a DC.

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3M took the opportunity to include state-of-the-art racking and distribution technologies to improve processes and increase productivity for their new distribution centre



The Quiksilver facility was moving about 20,000 units a day. The goal was to increase this to 225,000 units a day
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