Project management the Dexion way

Project Management is an integral part of the Dexion business. 

The teams’ culture is based on managing projects ‘The Dexion Way’, inline with Dexion’s “Smarter Thinking” philosophy.

Mark Gately, Dexion’s Realisation Manager describes this philosophy. “The team is committed to seamless integration of a solution within a customers business. Our approach includes a complete understanding of the customer’s requirements and assisting in the creation, implementation and integration of a unique solution.”

The Project Management team deliberately sets the bar high for every project, and always sets out to meet and exceed the customer’s high expectations of delivery on time, in full and on budget. They set realistic targets that are based on a thorough understanding of the complexities of the project. Where possible, risks are anticipated and prepared for and issues resolved as soon as they surface. Their experience and intimate knowledge of the project adds to the teams’ ability to create a unique and seamless solution from day one.
“It’s about communicating with the customer,” said Gately, “we provide our customers with a transparent relationship throughout the duration of the implementation and long after the project has been commissioned. It’s for us to ensure that any problems be addressed immediately and openly.”

“We are aware that every Dexion solution will have a significant impact on our customer’s operation,” said Gately, “so these changes need to be identified and any ‘cultural change’ issues addressed and integrated into a transition plan.”

“We understand that for our solution to provide the anticipated benefits it has to be ‘owned’ at an operational level, so with every project we are committed to addressing issues relating to cultural change through an educational program that includes literature and work shops to ensure that everyone is integrated into the transition plan.”

“Open and transparent communication is the key issue to successful project management and implementation,” said Gately, “ and the Dexion Project Management team is committed to communicate rapidly, honestly, frequently, and effectively at all levels of a customer’s organisation.”