Dexion Driving Change and Improving Performance and Productivity

Dexion is an international organisation, which manufactures and markets a broad range of storage and materials handling products used in both industrial and commercial applications.

In recent times, Dexion faced two major challenges - an increasingly competitive market and an ageing workforce, whose company knowledge forms a valuable resource that Dexion could not afford to lose.

In 2009, Dexion and TAFE NSW "“ Western Sydney Institute (WSI) formed a partnership to deliver Competitive Manufacturing Training to manufacturing and warehouse staff, and an Advanced Diploma in Lean Business Skills which is offered to office staff.

Dexion assessed the capabilities of a number of Registered Training Organisations (RTO) in a bid to discover who could deliver a program that would best meet their requirements. According to Dexion's Operations Manager, Mike Molyneux, WSI was selected because of their best practice industry benchmarking, and their ability to demonstrate more flexibility in their approach to course structure.

"The relationship between WSI and Dexion is excellent at all levels," Mike says. "We have a very frank and open dialogue and exchange of information designed to improve all aspects of the training. The content and standard of the course has been excellent and focused at the right level to engage our employees."

Staff participation rates have been very high because the training is delivered during normal working hours at the Dexion Kings Park site, and because of its success, a number of senior staff have gone on to enrol in the Advanced Diploma course offered at Mount Druitt College.

Since the program began, Dexion has measured a direct correlation between the training and a double digit improvement in productivity. They have also noticed a cultural transformation in all areas on the shop floor, as well as improved quality and reduced manufacturing costs, which have been attributed to staff awareness in company procedures once they began applying their training to their daily activities.

With the new skill set, Dexion's staff now actively seek opportunities to drive change and improve safety performance and productivity. "WSI staff very quickly identified our employee strengths and weaknesses and readily supported people in a very subtle but proactive manner. All the WSI representatives have a great blend of practical industry experience, supported by relevant academic qualifications," Mike says.

Program teacher John West noticed that the WSI staff developed a close relationship with Dexion management due to their in-depth understanding of the industry, its processes and Dexion's people.

"Dexion requested trainers with solid industry knowledge and training excellence, who had the ability to customise the training to suit Dexion," John says. "Dexion's staff select the appropriate units of competence and tailor the content to the needs of the organisation. The training resources are developed to accommodate Dexion's process, practices and organisation culture."

Dexion staff now have the ability to research and prepare reports, present findings to management and enjoy better communication within the organisation.

The relationship between Dexion and WSI has deepened over time.

"We very much see a continuation of the relationship we have started and look forward to it blossoming into new opportunities into the future," Dexion's Mike Molyneux says.

Dexion operates throughout the Asia-Pacific and Middle-East regions, with around 250 employees in Australia and New Zealand. Since its beginnings in 1947, Dexion has developed into the market leader of high-end warehousing storage solutions such as pallet racking, shelving and integrated systems incorporating conveyors and automated cranes.