Dexion launches Library Shelving 2: Evolving to meet the changing needs of the modern library

Today, Dexion is still one of the few companies offering customised library shelving, regularly revising and updating solutions to continue to meet the needs of the evolving modern library.

The Library Shelving 2 range includes four types of unit: double-side mobile, freestanding single, freestanding double and wall mounted. The powder coat finish can be tailored to meet any specified colour..

Dexion National Sales Manager, Michael Cumner described how library shelving and its associated accessories have changed over time as the needs of libraries have developed and expanded..

"Technology has played a significant role in the changing needs of libraries over the last decade. Libraries have also become more of a community meeting point with specific spaces for different purposes "“ from the traditional books, newspapers and magazines to computers, CDs, DVDs, and now tablets and other technology," explained Mr Cumner..

"Dexion offers a core range of library shelving, which meets the majority of standard library requirements. In addition, we offer customised solutions and a range of accessories to suit every application, accommodating all library materials, media formats and specific storage needs.".

"Each library has very precise requirements when compared to, for example, archival storage where there is only the need for one shelf type. With libraries there are a multitude of variables to consider "“ assorted heights, sizes and weights of the library materials; different floor layouts; and individual ways a library may want to store and display their collection, or incorporate technology," Mr Cumner added..

Space optimisation.

Available in a range of heights, widths and depths, Dexion's Library Shelving 2 makes full and efficient use of all available space and can be adapted to both stationary and mobile storage applications..

Customisation to meet every need.

From standard shelving through to canopies that protect books from dust; specific DVD and CD storage racks; magazine display shelves; and browser bins for children's easy viewing "“ Dexion has the solution for every library application..

Strength and durability.

All Dexion library shelving systems are constructed using steel to ensure strength and durability while avoiding moisture retention "“ a very important factor to consider when dealing with sensitive materials such as books, magazines and newspapers..

Modular, forward thinking design.

Through the use of standard, easily assembled componentry, Dexion's modular design is forward thinking, facilitating expansion and reconfiguration as the library grows and requirements change..