Dexion delivers online specification solution for design sector: DexSpec

Leading storage and materials handling specialist, Dexion continues to position itself as the global leader in storage solutions, delivering its innovative online specification tool "“ DexSpec "“ to simplify a complicated yet vital function of the design process.

Specifications are often laborious, technically detailed and time consuming to produce. A common problem for architects and interior designers dealing with storage solutions is converting the end user's storage requirements into detailed product specifications.

DexSpec simplifies this process considerably through showcasing its full range of storage solutions online for non-specialists to review, select from and incorporate into their design. DexSpec produces a comprehensive product specification, which can be provided directly to potential suppliers, resulting in a significantly easier, faster and more accurate process.

Michael Cumner, National Sales Manager, Dexion Commercial explains how Dexion provides an easy solution to the issue of out-of-date, inaccurate and incomplete storage specifications using Dexion's innovative new online specification tool. "Designers can use DexSpec to gain online access to Dexion's Commercial storage range, allowing them to quickly and easily select a product which is fit for the purpose and application, without needing any storage expertise," explained Mr Cumner.

"Through using DexSpec, designers can prepare a complete and comprehensive product specification at any time. The designer can rest assured that the specification is ideally suited to the end user's needs and details the most current information available from Dexion. DexSpec ensures customers are always provided with the best solutions," Mr Cumner added.

The importance of an accurate product specification for both the designer and the supplier cannot be underestimated. Dexion's new DexSpec online specification tool simplifies this critical function, ensuring an efficient and hassle-free process for all parties involved.

DexSpec is available online at Currently, users can specify the following products:
"¢ Shelving: Longspan, Ultima CI-80 and Precision Library Shelving 2
"¢ Compactus: Side2Side, Freetrack 2, Mekdrive 2, Multibay, Mech Assist and Eclipse Powered Compactus
"¢ Cabinets and Planters: Sliding Door, Tambour Door, Bookcase, Swing Door, Lateral Drawer and Planters