Vocollect partners with Dexion to extend trans-tasman channels network

Vocollect, a business unit of Intermec, Inc. (NYSE:IN) and the world leader in voice-centric solutions for mobile workers, today announced its partnership with Dexion to advance the company's abundant experiences in voice-centric solutions further into the Australian and New Zealand markets.

This partnership is the latest move by Vocollect to expand and develop new channels in the Asia Pacific region for a broad range of market segments, including retail, grocery, food & beverage, apparel, third party logistics, automotive and pharmaceuticals.

"Currently, Vocollect and our channel partners enable over 350,000 workers worldwide to distribute more than US$3.5 billion worth of goods every day,” revealed Vance Lau, Vice President and Managing Director, Vocollect Asia Pacific. “Dexion's established network in the region is a welcomed addition, as we see the undeniable synergy between Vocollect's industry leading voice technologies and Dexion’s expertise, in particular its industrial division that is renowned for designing smart distribution solutions and integrating them into a customer's business."

"Dexion is excited about adding Vocollect Voice to our portfolio of paperless technologies and MHE solutions currently being offered. We know that Vocollect Voice delivers stronger bottom line results by improving an organisation's throughput and productivity, accuracy and customer service, and most importantly, reducing overall operating costs,” Peter Farmakis, Chief Executive Officer, Dexion, elaborated. “This partnership, therefore, allows us to provide voice as part of an integrated solution that includes pallet storage, materials handling solutions and paperless inventory management systems, availing our customers with the best technologies in the market today."

Vocollect Solution

Increasing the accessibility of voice to customers will reinforce Dexion's core business objective to continually offer high quality and innovative order fulfillment solutions for its customers. Dexion's immediate priority is to grow and build awareness for Vocollect and its solutions, starting with Vocollect Voice's suitability for a multitude of Trans-Tasman industries.

“Incessant pressure for higher levels of customer service, coupled with changes in buying patterns, are forcing many of our customers to review their order fulfillment processes on an ongoing basis. We believe Vocollect Voice will help many of our customers to extract the next layer of operational savings in a cost-effective manner,” Farmakis explained.

Lau concurred: “Vocollect’s solutions can be applied to a variety of operations and workflows within different warehouse and distribution center environments. By condensing cumbersome processes into a sleek, streamlined channel that is even easier than before to learn and operate, along with the benefits of reduced errors and increased safety, the end result is a technology evolution that pushes companies to a whole new strata of productivity."

Vocollect Voice seamlessly integrates with all major existing WMS or ERP systems including SAP, enabling companies to leverage existing technology investment, and it also excels across geographies, with support for most languages, dialects and accents.

Its industry-leading speech recognition technology and built-for-purpose Talkman mobile computing appliances are enhanced with the ability to differentiate ambient noises, such as forklift beeps, pallet drops, fan and freezer noises and miscellaneous conversations. This superior voice recognition quality is extremely important in the effort to maximise worker productivity and order accuracy – both of which directly impact customer satisfaction levels.

With voice-centric distribution evolving into a key advantage for businesses in an increasingly competitive arena, these benefits and more are what Vocollect and Dexion will be delivering to warehousing and distribution customers in Australia and New Zealand.

About Vocollect

Vocollect, a business unit of Intermec, Inc. (NYSE:IN), is the leader in creating and providing voice-centric solutions for mobile workers in distribution and warehouse environments worldwide. The speech recognition software and extreme recognition accuracy of in-vocabulary speech helps customers achieve a higher level of business performance through voice. Every day over 350,000 workers worldwide use Vocollect’s comprehensive voice solutions to distribute more than $3.5 billion in goods from distribution centers and warehouses to customer locations. A global team of over 2,000 supply chain reseller and channel partner experts supports Vocollect Voice offerings. Vocollect VoiceWorld Suite integrates with all major WMS and ERP systems, including solutions from SAP AG, and supports the industry’s leading mobile computing devices. For more information, visit www.vocollect.com. Vocollect®, Vocollect Voice® and Vocollect VoiceWorld Suite™ are trademarks of Intermec IP Corp. All rights reserved.

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Intermec Inc. (NYSE:IN) develops and integrates products, services and technologies that identify, track and manage supply chain assets and information. Core technologies include rugged mobile computing and data collection systems, bar code printers, label media, and RFID. The company’s products and services are used by customers in many industries worldwide to improve the productivity, quality and responsiveness of business operations. For more information about Intermec, visit www.intermec.com or call 800-347-2636.

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Dexion is an international company with operations throughout the Asia Pacific and the Middle East. For more than 65 years, Dexion has been a market leader working with its partners to transform their processes into better ways of doing business. Dexion's industrial division is a specialist in designing smart distribution solutions and integrating them into a customer's business. Dexion bring together distribution functions and materials handling equipment with sophisticated software to build systems that increase productivity and profitability. Dexion's commercial business provides a range of manufactured and globally sourced products such as Compactus for every commercial and specialist storage application. These products, are complemented by a range of services that help our customers achieve solutions that offer the best mix of space utilisation, safety and value. Dexion has a network of Franchises and Dealers across, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. These businesses deliver a range of industrial and commercial storage systems for all businesses large and small regardless of the segment. Dexion has approximately 650 employees and with manufacturing facilities located in Australia, New Zealand, China and Malaysia. For more information about Dexion, visit www.dexion.com.au. Dexion and Compactus are registered trademarks of Dexion Limited.