Sony "“ New Pick to Light Product Line

During the storms in 2015, Sony suffered a catastrophic roof failure which compromised all electronic equipment in their main warehouse.

The Dexion Helpdesk team lead by Russell Southerwood worked to restore Sony to business as usual in a very short period, under extreme circumstances. Once the system was returned to normal operation and reviewed it was decided that a full refit should be undertaken.

The Sony system was built on the original pick to light, developed by Dexion approximately 20 years ago which has long since been superseded and no longer compatible with our current range.

This presented Dexion with a unique opportunity to accelerate development of a new Pick to Light product line and control architecture which delivers improved functionality. The implementation team managed by Greg Kerr and Brendan Layt developed the new product line while delivering a complex refit project to a live site.

Due to strict content protection policies in place at all Sony facilities we were only allowed to take one phone image of the new product in situation (see above) the image shows:

    1. Current family pick to light three digit display on bus bar
      • Used to indicate quantity and provide an interface for pick acknowledgement and other functions
      • Existing technology for nearly ten years
    2. New product line location indicator strip
      • High intensity RGD LED configurable to indicate full location width
      • Slimline design
The feedback received from the pickers and management has been very positive, Sony is anticipating welcome improvements in operational efficiency, in addition to time savings they are already seeing with the new more clearly visible lights.