Growth strategy on track for Dexion's International Business

Dexion’s products have been available in Asia for the past 40 years and Dexion is on an aggressive expansion program to harness the robust population growth and accompanied storage solution demand in Asia, and the Middle East region.

“Dexion’s new 12,000 sqm manufacturing, warehousing and distribution plant in West Port, Kuala Lumpur, which is over double the size of our previous facility. It enables us to develop and manufacture a complete range of office storage equipment and also keep up with increased demands for the industrial storage range as well as the growth in the integrated systems market,” said Stuart Macnab, Dexion Executive General Manger – International.

An integral element of the growth strategy for Dexion relates to the manufacturing capabilities and capacities as well as the ability to distribute products efficiently throughout the region. According to Macnab the new facility has allow Dexion to penetrate deeper into the expanding market segments in both regions.

“Our capabilities within the Asia and Middle East region allow us to better service customer demands, and actively acquire new customers and effectively service their needs,” he said. “We are looking at products presented at the best price, best quality and best delivery manner possible.

In its early stages, Dexion predominantly supplied products to the local and Singaporean markets. Today, substantial export markets have deliberately been developed, and include countries like Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Brunei, Pakistan, and the Middle East generally, with remarkable results.

 “Besides doing what we do better, through dynamic marketing and sales initiatives, Dexion’s vision envelops the need for continual product improvement for ever greater efficiency in solving problems,” said Macnab.

“We are also examining our supply chains throughout the region so we can support our customer base and our distributor network more efficiently, with shorter lead times and quicker response
levels in terms of delivery,” said Macnab.

"Doing business in Asia and the Middle East is a challenge! To beat our competition, we have developed and implemented short, medium, and long-term strategies. This has involved steadfastly sticking to our business principles and by providing total support to our distributor network. I believe this has been our strength throughout both regions,” he said.

The Asian and Middle East regions present tremendous opportunities for Dexion as they consist of over two thirds of the world’s population. Over the coming years, countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan, China and India, will develop on a scale unseen for many generations.

“Dexion is ready for the many opportunities and challenges presented by the regions. Throughout Asia and the Middle East we are seeing countries develop at different rates,” said Macnab. “For example, Malaysia and Thailand are showing potential for more advanced systems of distribution and order fulfilment.

Vietnam is emerging as a country with significant potential, and has quickly established massive development programs, through both government organisations and private enterprise,” he said.
China remains a market of enormous opportunity which is why we have established a significant presence there, and our activity in India is also now gaining momentum.

“With continued oil revenue and its current high price, the Middle East obviously offers enormous potential; the United Arab Emirates and Qatar in particular provide scope for increased sales volumes due to the massive construction programs in those markets,” he said. “We are definitely on the right track – our business continues to grow from strength to strength. We will continue to build our own local presence so that through our investments in Malaysia and China, and through the wide geographical reach of our Distributor network, we can continue to provide our customers with the very best local service and support. Above all, I believe the more passionate we are about the brand, the company and our colleagues, the more successful we will be,” Macnab said.