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How to maximise pallet racking for Safety & Efficiency

Proper pallet racking is fundamental to any workplace that demands efficient storage solutions. The right design and usage of a pallet racking system ensures the workspace remains organised and secure. Understanding how to use these systems effectively and efficiently is key. Dexion Pallet Racking makes it easy by providing a structured way to store materials on pallets and their Industrial pallet racks use vertical space to simplify inventory management and item retrieval.

A system setup includes upright frames, beams, and wire decking, facilitating the neat arrangement of pallets, and allowing straightforward access to stored items using forklifts or other material-handling equipment. You need to design and execute them precisely to enhance workspace functionality and protect everyone involved.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make your pallet racking safer and more effective for storage solutions.

Plan The Design and Layout For Correct Pallet Racking

Understanding the rated capacity of warehouse pallet racking prevents accidents and maintains the system’s structural integrity. The two primary capacities are the maximum unit load and the total rated capacity for each bay. Exceeding these can lead to structural failure and pose significant risks to workers and stored goods. You must mark and communicate these capacities to everyone using weight load signages displayed clearly.

Follow Warehouse Pallet Racks Rated Capacity Guidelines

Understanding the rated capacity of warehouse pallet racking prevents accidents and maintains the system’s structural integrity. The two primary capacities are the maximum unit load and the total rated capacity for each bay. Exceeding these can lead to structural failure and pose significant risks to workers and stored goods. You must mark and communicate these capacities to everyone.

Seek Guidance on Pallet Rack Modifications and Maintenance

To keep the workplace safe, it is recommended that no modifications or alterations are done to the pallet racking system. In the case that it is required, always check with the manufacturer to maintain the structural integrity and reliability of the racking system. The systems also need regular inspections to identify any signs of damage or wear and tear. Replace damaged components quickly with approved parts to ensure ongoing safety and efficiency.

Comply to Pallet Racking Operating Instructions

Establish clear operating protocols for safety and efficiency. Create guidelines for the correct use of material handling equipment. Have restrictions on unauthorised alterations. And have a clear process for reporting damage or safety concerns.

Providing comprehensive and ongoing training to employees involved in pallet racking operations is also important for minimising risks and ensuring compliance with procedures.

Identify the Suitable Pallet Type

Carefully choose the pallet type and pallet size for goods stored. Only experienced staff should review any changes in pallet design or size. This will prevent problems such as overloading, decreased stability, or damage to the storage structure.

Selected pallets must be compatible with the racking design to maintain safety and stability. A consultation with Dexion can help you work out exactly what you need.

Implement Pallet Racking Inspections & Maintenance

Encourage a culture where racking inspections are conducted regularly. This practice is essential to identify potential hazards and damages so they can be addressed promptly. Report safety concerns to the safety team and manufacturer for further remedial actions.

Pallet racking is an important component of any storage facility. Correct design, installation, and maintenance will ensure workplace safety and efficiency. By adhering to established guidelines, conducting regular inspections, and providing comprehensive training, businesses minimise risks and create a safe working environment for their employees. Safety should always be a top priority in the workplace.

Dexion is compliant to the latest global and Australian racking standards such as AS4084:2023, meeting all design and manufacturing standards.

We also actively monitor industry trends to anticipate future needs.

You can rely on Dexion for your industrial storage needs. We are committed to compliance, innovative solutions, and reliability. We ensure your warehouse racking systems meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency.



Dexion Successfully Completes SMETA Audit


Dexion proudly announces its achievement as a 4 Pillar  Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) company.

Sedex, a globally renowned ethical trade membership organisation, collaborates with businesses to develop and enhance working conditions within global supply chains.

The SMETA audit, conducted by QIMA in 2023 at Dexion’s Malaysia factory, evaluates ethical, social, and environmental practices. It verifies and underwrites Dexion’s Ethical Sourcing/Supply Chain credentials across four domains:

  1. Labour Standards: Ensuring compliance with local laws and international labour standards, including child labour, forced labour, and discrimination.
  2. Health & Safety: Adhering to local laws and international standards for worker health and safety.
  3. Environment: Complying with local laws and international standards concerning environmental protection, such as waste management, energy efficiency, and hazardous chemicals safety.
  4. Business Ethics: Upholding local laws and international standards for business ethics, such as anti-competitive activity, bribery, and corruption.

Dexion Corporate Social Responsibility

Dexion smart hub

The SMETA assessment aligns with Dexion’s long-standing Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, reflecting its commitment to addressing environmental and social risks and fostering a sustainable future. Damian Cross, Dexion Asia Pacific Group Managing Director, states:

“Dexion’s culture is based on the respect for environmental stewardship which enables a sustainable future for our families, communities, countries and the planet at large. We also prioritise the rights, freedoms, safety and health of our employees, and we recognise that these values are important to convey through our supply chain.”

Specifically, Dexion works towards:

  • Mitigating climate change and introducing policies to protect the environment.
  • Improving labour policies and championing fair trade, worker safety and staff wellbeing and development.
  • Leveraging strong supplier partnerships to ethically source within the supply chain.
  • Continually developing company governance and transparency.

For more information, please read Dexion’s company values or contact our team.

Spend less time modelling and more time designing!

Dexion has partnered with industry-leading BIM content creation specialists IGS Group to provide high-quality Revit content via the platform, streamlining and maximising BIM content access of Dexion storage solutions to architects and building design professionals.

In response to the fast-growing adoption of BIM workflows by industry and expressed requests from clients, Dexion engaged IGS Group to develop a high-quality Revit content library and associated specifier engagement strategy. Incorporating 42 user-friendly Revit families detailing a total of 1,763 product variants or ‘Types’, the Dexion Revit library includes families for the Compactus range for large storage requirements, as well as models for Shelving, Cabinets, Planter Boxes and Lockers.

With Dexion storage systems catering to a wide range of building typologies including factories, warehouses, offices, museums, libraries, healthcare, education and industrial complexes, the Dexion Revit library stands as an essential inclusion to any design practice’s BIM content repository.

Dexion’s Revit library aims to facilitate efficient and effective creation of project documentation and streamline design development processes as products are selected for projects, as well as generate high-quality and accurate visualisation outputs used for client and stakeholder engagement.

“IGS is delighted to have partnered with Dexion in creating this innovative BIM library and have it available to the design community via the platform. We comment Dexion for recognising and responding to the growing demand from the A&D market for quality BIM content from product manufacturers. We look forward to working with Dexion to facilitate widespread access and utilisation of this great resource and evolving the Dexion BIM library over time.” – Luke Johnstone, Managing Director at IGS Group

The library is available to download either as individual Revit families, as ‘Collections’ (by Product Range and Revit version), as a ‘Virtual Showroom’ (a Revit project file with all families and types loaded in) or as a bulk ‘Download All’ option. The ‘Virtual Showroom’ file provides designers with an efficient way to download and browse the Revit library in its entirety within the Revit project environment, and demonstrates how the content documents and schedules consistently.

In an effort to streamline user experience when browsing and downloading BIM content, Dexion has chosen to leverage IGS Group’s BIM content hosting platform and project design resource, Designers can experience optimised search, preview, and download workflows on This includes the ability to preview the 3D Revit geometry directly in the web browser, view parameter data, download specific Revit versions of content, and choose the type of content download that best caters to their requirements.
To view and download the extensive Dexion’s Revit library, visit here or embark on a journey of exploration via

When Was Your Last Racking Inspection Carried Out?

The racking structure is made up of two main elements;

  1. Beams – comprising beam section, end connectors and safely locks
  2. Frames – comprising uprights, bracing and baseplates

Each item should be inspected according to AS4084 and FEM standards which come with recommended inspection intervals.

They are:

Daily inspections

  • Conducted by the operator of the system.
  • Implementing inspections on a daily basis ensure:
  • No damages occurred due to incorrect application and use of MHE
  • Safe working loads are adhered to
  • Damaged pallets are not loaded onto the racking system


Weekly inspections

  • Visual inspection from the ground level, carried out by the Safety Officer based on a prepared checklist. This is a good practice to ensure that any faults or issues are found and dealt with immediately.


Monthly inspections

  • Includes emptying random bays to carry out a more detailed inspection of the components.

The scope would also ensure:

  • Safe working load signages and safety signs are in place
  • Any components with damages identified as ‘Very Serious’ or ‘Hazardous’ have been isolated and actions have been taken to rectify those risks.


Six to Twelve Month Inspections

  • This is a comprehensive inspection and includes checking that no modifications of the structure have taken place. A copy of the load application and configuration drawings is retained and referred to during the inspection.
  • This inspection is conducted by a technically competent officer who is experienced in identifying and categorising rack damage.


When it comes to damages to racking systems, it is recommended that parts or components are replaced, not repaired.  Not placing emphasis on this could result in severe consequences to the safety of the team, and to the business.


The team at Dexion is experienced in carrying out racking inspections and maintenance works.

Get in touch to schedule your racking inspections!

Dexion extends Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) partnership

As a testament to the value Dexion places on environmental sustainability, we have renewed the license with GECA for a further two years.  Dexion has been a partner to GECA since 2009 and we place high value in this partnership.

GECA is the owner of the Good Environmental Choice Australia Ecolabel and manages a Type 1 Ecolabel program in accordance with ISO 14024 “Environmental Labels and Declarations”.

The certification process is extremely comprehensive and onerous to ensure each product meets the environmental, health, social and ethical standards that have been set.

The following products have been granted the use of the ecolabel and have been verified by an independent conformity assessment body that they meet the criteria of the GECA standards:

Specifications that require Green Building schemes can be assured that Dexion products meet these requirements.

Dexion’s highly discerning customers are also conscious about the conservation of natural surroundings and demand that their suppliers have systems and policies that comply to these standards.

All Dexion products that are GECA certified carry the GECA label.  The GECA ecolabel is also a certification trademark, giving the public assurance that certified goods or services meet a particular standard. Certification trademarks are assessed and approved by the ACCC and registered by IP Australia.


Dexion Update – Victoria Earthquake

It was felt heavily 190 kilometres away in Melbourne, as well as in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, and Launceston in Tasmania.

We hope your team is safe and well, fortunately we are not hearing any reports of serious injury. Victoria’s State Emergency Service team are reporting that there has been damage to buildings across Victoria.

If you believe your pallet racking structure has become compromised or have any concerns, it is essential that you close off the affected area(s) immediately and not approach these areas.

Dexion is an expert in industrial & commercial seismic engineering throughout APAC. We are here to help you, please contact your local Dexion supply centre or your Dexion representative to undertake a Rack Safety Inspection as soon as practical.

Contact us on 1800 100 050 or by clicking here.

Dexion Asia Pacific acquires Driven Technologies

Driven Technologies designs, manufactures and distributes track, carriage and drive systems which in conjunction with Dexion shelving, are used to create Compactus systems which have been sold into the market by Dexion for many years.

This is an exciting step for Dexion as the acquisition brings with it a revolutionary leap forward of light duty Compactus design in which we will share more information with you all on this in the coming weeks.

This acquisition also enables Dexion to have full control over the Compactus supply chain to help us win a greater share of the established markets in Australia and New Zealand, as well as expanding into the light duty Compactus market in Asia.

Dexion Store It #4: Product Catalogue Out Now!

Dexion is pleased to announce the launch of its latest comprehensive product catalogue, Store It #4.

Store It #4 is a one-stop product catalogue for all things Dexion. This issue has been revamped with the complete range of Dexion products available across Asia Pacific.

Among the new line up of industrial and commercial products featured include:

  • Dexion HDS Shuttle & HDS Omni 4 Way shuttle
  • Dexion Conveyor System
  • Dexion Vertical Carousels and Cutters
  • Dexion Pro 90 SmartGuard Pallet Racking Protectors
  • Dexion’s Warehouse equipment range that provides a complete solution to new warehouses. These include HVLS Fans, Dock Levellers and Industrial Doors
  • Precision & Firstline Lockers and Cabinets.

Companies identifying solutions for their warehouses, distribution centres or offices will find this catalogue a useful one-stop point of reference.

Products are categorised as either Warehouse, Workshop and Office so browsers can search and head directly to the relevant solutions that they are seeking for.

The catalogue provides updated and upgraded product information, solutions application, images and technical information.

To obtain a hard copy of the latest issue, please contact your local Supply Centre.  

You can also download a copy of the catalogue via clicking here. 


9 steps to using your Dock Levellers safely

Safety emphasis and putting precautions in place can prevent serious, fatal injuries & ensure cargo is protected from mishandling and damages when operating dock levellers. This is especially so at loading bays where loading and unloading activities are taking place. Common incidents include vehicle-related accidents and slips, trips and falls.

Here are 9 reminders that will keep the loading dock area running smoothly:

dock leveller safely
dock leveller safely
dock leveller safely
dock leveller safely
dock leveller safely
dock leveller safely
dock leveller safely
dock leveller safely