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Push Back Racking

Dexion Push Back Racking is a high density system which allows direct access to large batches of goods with the same SKUs. Each level allows storage depth of two to six pallets.

The gravity-fed operation ensures the pick-face is constantly filled, arranged on a First In, Last Out basis (FILO).

Push-back is ideal for storing medium-turnover products, with two or more pallets per SKU.

How it works:
Pallets are loaded on top of a sliding cart and pushed deeper into the rack when the next pallet is loaded. Up to 6 pallets can be stored per channel. At each level, pallets are placed on a set of trolleys that are pushed along rails.

During unloading, the front pallet is removed by the fork truck and as it is taken away, the next pallet rolls forward along a set of rails.

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Product Features and Benefits

  • Allows very dense storage capabilities up to 6 pallets deep which optimises warehouse vertical space
  • Each channel can store a different SKU which makes this a versatile system
  • A low damage environment as fork trucks never enter the racking aisles lowering risk of damage and accidents, compared to drive in racking systems
  • Pick face remains constantly full enabling shorter loading and unloading times
  • Perfect solution for loading bays or hard-to-reach areas within a warehouse ensuring maximum use of space
  • Frequently used for cold storage applications
  • Designed with safety features such as lift-out protection, linked carts and pallet stops to prevent incidents and injuries in the warehouse.
  • A compact gravity fed FILO (First In Last Out) system for enhanced efficiency.
  • Racking designed to AS4084:2012

Product Specifications

Pallet Size

1165mm x 1165mm (Timber Pallet)

Pallet Capacity


Pallet Weight Range

500kg to 1200kg

System Depths

2 Pallets Deep
3 Pallets Deep
4 Pallets Deep
5 Pallets Deep
6 Pallets Deep

Operating Temperature

-30°C to 40°C

Safety Features

Lift out protection
Linked carts
Pallet stop




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