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Pallet Drawers

The Dexion Pallet Drawers provide an ergonomic and safe way to hand pick various storage items within the pallet racking structure.

Rollers allow the drawer to be easily opened or closed, giving the pickers free access to the pallet from three sides.

The Pallet Draw is self-latching on return preventing accidental release into the aisle.

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Product Features and Benefits

  • Safe and ergonomic picking, operators do not need climb into the rack structure to pick hard to reach items
  • Increased picking efficiency speed with forklifts not required to pull pallets out of the racks
  • Light duty option has a 500kg load capacity, while the heavy duty option can hold 1000kg
  • It provides a base for pallets on ground level to be off the floor
  • Flat tray allows stock to be stored with or without a pallet
  • Improves under bench storage
  • It is suitable for almost all applications and loads
  • The rack mounted drawers are ideal for already existing pallet racking structures

Product Specifications

Tray Size

Fits a 1165mm x 1165mm pallet




Mounting Options