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Cantilever racks are an excellent means of housing heavy, elongated and otherwise bulky items. The ideal workshopand warehouse racking systems, they will effectively store everything from timber beams, steel bars and trusses, piping, plasterboards, and more.

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Light Duty Cantilever

Light Duty Cantilever


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Cantilever racking benefits

There are many benefits to using a cantilever storage rack, including:

  • Maximising storage capabilities – enables you to take advantage of every vertical option available.
  • Versatility – a cantilever shelf system caters for long, oversized, heavy and irregularly-shaped items that don’t fit neatly into more traditional warehouse racking.
  • Accessibility – open design and adjustable arms enable easy loading and unloading.
  • Customisable – these warehouse racks fit around your needs, delivering plenty of freedom and flexibility.
  • Durability and stability – made from robust steel, they can handle extremely heavy loads.
  • Scalability – expand, reconfigure and accommodate your storage facility’s evolving needs.
  • Visibility – clear visibility also helps determine what is on the shelving.
  • Enhanced safety – horizontal arm-like shelving helps prevent items from falling or collapsing.

Why Dexion industrial cantilever shelving systems

  • Storage specialists passionate about saving you space, improving efficiencies and helping your business to scale.
  • Storage experts for over 80 years, serving some of the biggest brand warehouses across Australasia.
  • Using the highest quality structural steel and products – there is zero cutting of corners.
  • All products are compliant with Australian standards for steel storage racking.

Dexion knows that finding the proper storage can help your business by improving safety, efficiency and allowing for growth.

Contact Dexion about cantilever storage

Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team if you have any questions about our cantilever shelf rack products. We’re here to help you find the right storage systems for your operation.

FAQs about cantilever shelves

What is cantilever racking?

A cantilever racking system is designed for storing long, heavy, or oddly shaped items that don’t fit well in regular storage methods. The system comprises two vertical columns that support horizontal beams extending outwards, thus creating the cantilever.

Why use cantilever shelves?

The many benefits of a cantilever storage system include enhanced safety, accessibility, visibility, use of space, load-bearing capacity, floor plan flexibility and customisation.

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