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A highly efficient alternative to drive-in racking, pallet shuttle automation removes the need to drive forklifts in and out of aisles. Instead, rather than the person going to the goods, the goods come to the person via a remotely-controlled pallet shuttle. The system works either as a First-in, First-out (FIFO) or Last-in, Last-out (LILO) option.

Dexion HDS Shuttle


Dexion Auto Shuttle


Shuttle system benefits

Dexion’s super clever tool-free warehouse shuttle system storage solutions offer many benefits.

  • Reduce costs – operational hours and forklift running costs are significantly reduced thanks to the semi-automated
  • Minimise the number of aisles required
  • Modular system that can be scaled according to the business’s expansion.
  • Reduce the risk of accidents to operating teams and warehouse equipment
  • Rapid loading and unloading activities save time and improve efficiencies
  • Automatically handle pallet picking, retrieval and re-organising with incredible precision for improved accuracy
  • High-density shuttle system enables high density storage to optimise a warehouse footprint
  • Suitable for cold store operations ranging from -28°Celcius to ambient temperatures

Our automated warehouse shuttle system

We offer a cutting-edge mobile shuttle solution for your warehouse operation.

Dexion High Density Storage (HDS) pallet shuttle system

This shuttle unit travels on support rails. It moves pallets within the system and maximises limited space. An excellent shuttle racking option for very active or stationary stock and warehouses that need to allow for scalability.

Contact us about a HDS Shuttle for your business

Contact our knowledgeable customer service team to discover more about our shuttle racking system and how they save your business space, time, money and labour.

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