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Specialist Teams Creating Specialist Solutions

October 4th, 2018
Specialist Teams. Specialist Solutions.

Dexion Solutions' Expertise and Deliverability

To continue delivering exceptional outcomes for customers, Dexion Solutions is focused on developing our expertise and delivery capabilities. It’s why we have specialist teams located across the country and abroad, including Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland. Ultimately, having the right expertise and teams in place allows us to maintain the highest standards across every project from start to finish and beyond. This includes our own onsite Project Managers, Crew and Maintenance teams, as well as dedicated Designers, Key Account Coordinators, and After Sales Customer Care.

Planning Your Storage Space

When it comes to developing effective storage layouts, there is no one size fits all approach. That’s because every project is unique and presents its own set of challenges. It’s why we work closely with our customers to ensure the very best outcomes for each and every storage space.

Our sales team have extensive industry knowledge, and understands the importance of analysing a space and business functions to develop a custom solution that improves efficiency and return on investment.

Design Innovation & Technology

Our team of experienced industrial storage designers are continuously pushing the boundaries. Pushing the boundaries in product development and warehouse optimisation. That’s because we know this offers our customers better outcomes.

We maintain our skills and knowledge by keeping abreast of industry innovations and safety standards … and thinking differently. For starters, we don’t work in isolation. The design team works collaboratively with the sales team and project managers to develop a solution that offers the biggest return on investment for customers.

Maintaining High Standards On Site

Once your storage space has been designed, we don’t simply hand over the plans to a third party installation crew. We have multiple teams of installers and project managers working on our projects to maintain the highest safety and quality standards at all times.

Our project managers are a dedicated point of contact working with customers to ensure every project runs on time, on budget and to plan. They work closely with our professional and efficient crew members who have each been properly trained in onsite procedures and product installation. So you can be confident your warehouse is in the right hands.

Ongoing Customer Requirements

We always put our customers first. Whether you are a business with one location or many, we ensure every project receives the attention it deserves. So to cater for our customers’ ongoing requirements, we have a dedicated Major Accounts Team. This is a huge advantage for businesses with multiple facilities, distribution networks or 3PL needs.

Our Major Accounts team offers customers a single point of contact to access a range of functions – from design and quotes to project management and racking inspections. What’s more, outsourcing these functions to one, dedicated team, saves your business time and money.

Maintenance and Safety Checks

Our service continues well after the warehouse installation is complete. We have a dedicated After Sales team to implement safety inspections and maintenance, and manage your safety signage. As a result, it ensures your storage and handling systems continues to operate safely and securely for decades to come.

So if you’re looking for a complete storage solution for your warehouse, Dexion Solutions is here to help.

Contact us to learn more about our specialist teams and our commitment to project excellence.

Dexion Solutions' Expertise and Deliverability

By admin

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Dexion collects and uses your personal information to provide you with our products and services, to seek your feedback, for marketing activities and to keep you updated with information which may be relevant to you. View our Privacy Policy

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