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Is your racking Earthquake-Safe?

Date: Tuesday, 8 September 2020 | Time: 1:30PM AEST | Duration: 30 minutes

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[WEBINAR] Is your racking Earthquake-Safe?

An earthquake is the shaking of the surface of the earth resulting in seismic waves that range in size.  Some are weak and hardly felt, while some are so violent, they wreak destruction to infrastructure, damage buildings and cause loss of many lives.

Even if we cannot control the devastation that they bring, we can do our best to minimise the harm to our assets and human lives within the warehouse environment. 

Could structures 20 or 30 metres high able to withstand earthquakes?  Will your racking not collapse in a Zone 4 area?  What can be done to protect goods in the warehouse?

Join us to learn about the importance of designing and building your racking for seismic performance.

Webinar Overview:

  • Locations of high seismic activity
  • What is an earthquakes & types
  • What happens during an earthquake?
  • Characteristics of earthquake-resistant racking
  • Design differences for normal racking vs seismic performance racking
  • Product research & testing
  • Recommendations
The Presenter: Ir CK Lim, Regional Engineering Manager, Dexion Asia Pacific

CK’s greatest passion is working with steel at every stage – from design, fabrication and assembly. He has completed multiple steel and reinforced concrete structure designs in various industries.
The Presenter: Anthony Barbara, Senior Product Manager, Dexion Australia

Anthony is an experienced Product Specialist with a legacy of innovation across different industries. He is passionate about keeping smarter thinking part of Dexion’s DNA.

Webinar Details
Date: Tuesday 8th September 2020
Time: Sydney: 1.30PM AEST | Asia: 11.30AM | New Zealand: 3:30PM | India: 9:00AM
Duration: 30 minutes + Questions

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