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[DEXION WEBINAR]: Why implement a Warehouse Management System?

Date: Thursday 23th April 2020 | Time: 11AM AEDT | Duration: 30 minutes

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Why implement a WMS?

[WEBINAR] Why implement a Warehouse Management System?

Your warehouse operations are the heart of your supply chain. You have done all the hard work to make the sale, now it’s time to monitor your warehouse activities. Make sure you get the orders out of the door in a timely manner, without errors and with lower operational costs. Having a Warehouse Management System (WMS) will help you optimise your warehouse performance and therefore your business performance. This Webinar will show you how to achieve this.

Why you need a WMS if you think your warehouse is doing JUST FINE!

Key points covered:

  • What exactly is a WMS (and what it is not)
  • Track and trace all inventory movements
  • How real-time information can save you money
  • Monitoring operator performance
  • Providing information to help improve your customer service levels
  • Efficiencies via process improvements
  • Optimising the available storage in your warehouse
The Presenter: Mike Dowd, Sales Director – Dexion Systems Services

For the past 30 years, Mike has designed internal logistics solutions for warehouses across ANZ and Asia. His speciality is in creating highly automated systems that will help companies optimise processes, ensure better inventory management and plan labour more efficiently.

Mike’s experience includes delivering solutions to customers across industries such as Kellogg’s, Linfox, Kimberly Clark, Revlon and many more.

Webinar Details
Date: Thursday 23th April 2020
Time: 11AM AEDT
Duration: 30 minutes + Questions

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