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Demand Genuine Dexion

March 31st, 2020
Demand Dexion
Demand Dexion
Demand Dexion

Demand Genuine Dexion

With more than 80 years’ global experience, Dexion is a leading global storage and logistics provider with operations throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.Founded on a tradition of excellence and innovation, we are constantly seeking out new ways to solve the materials handling challenges for a diverse range of customers from the office through to the warehouse.

Smarter products

We have come a long way from the very first slotted angle shelving system invented by our founder Demetrius Comino in 1937. However, our core focus remains the same – to provide innovative solutions for our customers.

The backbone of our operation – Dexion’s extensive range of Industrial Racking and Storage Solutions – are designed to maximise space and productivity. Alongside this, our Integrated Systems combine the latest innovations in automation and software – bringing together enterprise systems and materials handling equipment for real time warehouse management and control.

We also provide a complete commercial storage solution for offices and hospitals through to libraries and museums. Our range of commercial shelving products including Compactus, Cabinets and Mobile Art Racks allow you to maximise your valuable floor space and safely store your items.

Smarter organisation for smart organisations

Leading companies demand the best, which is why genuine Dexion solutions are in such high demand. Through our engineering innovation, we are a trusted force for the globe’s most recognisable brands.

We have developed innovative and sophisticated warehouse automation solutions for a diverse range of customers, from Hyundai Mobis and Kimberley Clark to Sistema and Fonterra, across a whole range of industries including 3PL, Automotive, FMCG, eCommerce & Retail to name a few.

Our long history in this industry underpins today’s commitment to automated technologies and smart innovations throughout the supply chain. It’s no accident that many of the world’s largest organisations trust us with some of their most important assets. We don’t just add value – we add smarter thinking that flows through to all areas of their business.

Genuine quality that’s built to last

Every Dexion solution is designed, engineered and tested in Australia by our team of highly experienced structural engineers to exceed expectations and meet Australian & international standards AS4084:2012 and EN15512:2009. Furthermore, every component is independently tested to verify its structural integrity and code compliance by University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

Beware of imitations! Installing anything other than genuine Dexion in Australia and Asia Pacific will compromise the safety of your people and products, putting your company’s operation at risk.

Our world-class range of industrial storage products are designed to last a lifetime – performing day in, day out. That’s why we don’t simply offer a standard 12-month warranty – we offer our customers the Dexion Lifetime Product Warranty. This covers structural failure and defects in materials and workmanship in specified new products manufactured by Dexion, validated by our thorough annual inspection.

Don’t take the risk

There are many companies selling ‘Dexion compatible’ pallet racking, claiming their upright and beam designs can fit into the Dexion Speedlock and Keylock pallet racking ranges. They may fit into the connection slots, but they are made with unknown materials, finishes and have never been tested to work together. This can cause a massive risk of structural failure to the pallet racking structure, which can have catastrophic consequences for your business leading to possible serious injury or death of your staff. In addition, mixing non-Dexion products with existing Dexion structures voids the lifetime warranty of your product. It is simply not worth the risk to your company.

The smarter choice

For more than 80 years, Dexion has led the way in providing new and innovative solutions for our clients’ storage and logistics requirements. Our people and products continue to transform the landscape in real-time distribution, materials handling and warehousing, through engineering excellence, state-of-the-art design, rigorous product testing and after sales support.

Dexion’s smarter thinking streamlines your operation, delivering integrated solutions that protect your investment and provide valuable peace of mind.

If you demand the best for your business, demand genuine Dexion.

Demand Genuine Dexion

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Dexion collects and uses your personal information to provide you with our products and services, to seek your feedback, for marketing activities and to keep you updated with information which may be relevant to you. View our Privacy Policy

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