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One of the biggest issues warehouses run into is a lack of space. It doesn’t take much for your products or shipments to cover the floor area, which is where effective raised storage can help. Raised storage platforms come with various benefits, and we’re going to outline them for you.

Defining a Raised Storage Area

Raised storage platforms provide additional storage areas in the workplace. Warehouse-raised storage areas are heavy-duty freestanding units that use uprights and platforms for support. The structural raised storage areas stack and store more product while simultaneously freeing up floor space.

If you contract with a reputable company like Dexion for your raised storage solutions, you’ll receive comprehensive support to assist with implementing the shelving system.

Benefits of Raised Storage Platforms

Many benefits come with using raised floor storage from Dexion: 

  • Boost Productivity You want your warehouse staff to be as productive as possible, which means streamlining the picking process. Using raised storage platforms from Dexion allow you to organise your products and make them easy to group together in like-pairings. In turn, your workers can pick faster.
  • Increase Storage – You can easily store more items when you have a raised storage area in your operation and therefore make use of every area available.
  • Expand and Save Money – You won’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars relocating your warehouse simply because you outgrew it. We can implement raised storage areas Australia-wide, so call Dexion before you plan to move out of your current space. One conversation with us and installing raised storage areas in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane could present huge cost-effective and time-smart warehouse storage solutions for your business.

Contact Dexion for Warehouse Storage Systems Today!

If you want or need a raised storage area for your operation, get in touch with us today! We can help dramatically improve your warehouse design, flow and efficiency by customising raised storage solutions to your needs. 

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