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Dexion Safety Rail

Help prevent the risk of serious injury and loss of valuable stock.

The Dexion Safety Rail is a revolutionary device that can easily be fitted to any existing Dexion shelving products or products from other manufacturers. Once fitted, the risk of stocked items falling from shelving is significantly reduced, whilst still enabling the contents to be easily accessible.

It is designed to provide protection and ease of mind at an affordable price. The clever design does not inhibit access to items, the rail is simply lifted and lowered to provide access to stored items and then replaced in the same manner. The devise is unobtrusive, stylish and requires no tools to install.

The Dexion Safety Rail is compatible with our Mobile Compactus® units, which work to prevent valuable items falling off shelves during the opening or closing of the unit. For galleries and museums, the Dexion Safety Rail provides a safeguard to prevent irreplaceable artefacts from being knocked off shelving and damaged or destroyed.

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Product Features and Benefits

  • The Dexion Safety Rail reduces the risk of valuable products and archives falling from shelving.
  • The Dexion Safety Rail has successfully passed shake table and impact testing, making this product perfect for preventative measures in seismic areas.
  • Provides a safeguard to your employees, preventing unnecessary injuries and near misses, as well as protecting products from damage.
  • The Dexion Safety Rail retainer comes in a high strength polycarbonate retainer – Grey and White, two tone.
  • Custom sized, allowing it to be easily installed to any of the Dexion shelving units or existing shelving from other manufacturers. Installation is at a minimal cost and requires no ongoing maintenance.
  • The Dexion Safety Rail comes in three finishes, powder coated, zinc plated and stainless steel and the colour can be tailored to your companies brand requirements

Product Specifications

Shelving and accessory system

Ultima CI-80 Shelving
Ultima Longspan Shelving
Precision Library Shelving 2

Maximum bay carrying capacity*


*Uniformly distributed load. Shelf, beam and bay capacities vary, contact your representative for specific maximum loads based on your configuration.


Flame Red
White Satin
Stone White


Zinc plated 6mm mild steel bar


Powder coated, Zinc Plated, Stainless Steel

Load Weight



435w x 100h
585w x 100h
720w x 100h
870w x 100h
890w x 100h
1020w x 100h
1170w x 100h
1190w x 100h