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Dexion Dynamic Locking – Gold

Gold level locking is a networked solution allowing remote management of locks, offering users Keypad, RFID or Mobile ID operation.

Gold Dynamic Locking represents an evolution in Smart Lock Technology. The networked solution lets you remotely manage your facility and users from anywhere whilst maintaining ultimate visibility, responsiveness and reporting.

Facility staff can harness the power of the DIGILINK cloud-based network application for remote management functions such as; programming, user set up and access, Shared or Assigned Use set up and override/unlock. You can also assign an unlimited number of user and manager credentials, schedule auto-unlock, access audit trails and usage data reporting.

Existing Silver locks can be upgraded to Gold. RFID locks can often be operated using existing customer RFID credentials. This networked lock solution also avoids the need for expensive additional infrastructure.

Product Downloads

Product Specifications

Product Applications

Strata 2 Tambours
DigiLock Versa 6G (with Digilink)

Locker Range
DigiLock Aspire 6G (with Digilink)
DigiLock Versa 6G (with Digilink)

Freetrack 2 & Mekdrive 3 Compactus
DigiLock Versa 6G (with Digilink)

Lock Type

Battery Powered

Lock Operation

Keypad / RFID / Mobile ID / Remote Management

Lock Options

Centralised Management – DIGILINK Network System


‘Shared’ or ‘Assigned’ Use

Lock Engagement

Deadbolt / Deadlatch / Rotating Cam

RFID Lock Compatibility

Compatible with 13.56 MHz RFID Standards – iClass, Felica, HID SEOS, DESfire and Mifare


Remote user set up and access management
Remote lock functionality programming
Remote set up for shared or assigned use
Remote manager override / unlock
Audible and visual indicators
Advanced auto unlock
Audit trail and usage data analytics
Disability extended handles
Surface or recess mount options
Vertical or horizontal body orientation
Various colours and finish options

User RFID Credentials Accessories

Card / FOB / Bracelet / Adhesive Label