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Keep the contents of your storage systems secure with the latest Dexion smart lock technology. Reliable, flexible and convenient, our three-tiered range includes smart locks and manually operated options, offering a solution for every budget.

Introducing Dexion electronic locks

Our electronic lock systems deliver three levels of security and enhanced functionality.

Keyless entry locks are available in Gold and Silver levels. These digital locks use advanced smart technology to provide ultimate control, convenience and security. Bronze is our robust and reliable manually operated option and typically serves as the default security setting for Dexion products.

Dynamic Locking - Gold

Dexion Dynamic Locking – Gold

Dynamic Locking Silver

Dexion Dynamic Locking – Silver

Dynamic Locking Bronze

Dexion Dynamic Locking – Bronze


RFID entry system

Our keyless systems rely on keypad, mobile or radiofrequency identification or RFID technology. RFID entry wirelessly transmits radio wave data between a reader (in this instance, the electronic lock) and a tag (the user’s RFID card or fob).

When a person approaches the RFID keyless entry system, the reader detects their tag and begins communicating with a central access control system. This engine room control determines access credentials and signals an authorisation command.

Digital lock benefits

Compelling reasons businesses now turn to smart lock technology include:

  • Remote management from anywhere in the world.
  • As the term suggests, keyless locks make traditional keys redundant.
  • Deactivate the key card if it is lost or stolen without any stress.
  • Programmable smart locks grant temporary access to individuals.
  • Activity monitoring captures and records activity logs.
  • Remotely double-check that locks are secure – eliminates the “did I or did I not” worrying.
  • User-friendly – no issues with stubborn keys.
  • Compatible with new or retrofitted applications – tier upgrades are also possible.
  • Choose various shapes, mounting configurations and orientations.
  • Smart deadbolt or deadlatch options for different applications.

Rely on Dexion for a keyless entry system that provides complete peace of mind.

Why Dexion keyless entry for your storage

  • Security is a priority – only a highly-reputable brand like Dexion should be trusted.
  • As storage experts, we’re committed to keeping your stored contents as secure and safe as possible.
  • Any purchase from Dexion is an investment that we honour via an extensive network of service professionals. Our skilled and helpful team is on-hand to share general or technical advice. You can rely on us well after the transaction is complete.
  • We’ve been storage experts for more than 80 years. A big reason for this is our commitment to innovate and progress constantly. Keyless lock technology plays an important role in this vision.
  • We’re motivated and passionate about helping our clients and growing relationships.

Contact us about smart locks in Australia

Call our team today if you’re after the latest lock technology to secure your stored contents. Our friendly experts are on hand to provide thorough information and answer any queries.

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