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Mech Assist Compactus®

Optimise your storage space with a smooth operation

Optimise your storage space with Australia’s safest, smoothest mechanically assisted Compactus®. Enjoy maximum storage efficiency at your fingertips, thanks to the smart inbuilt technology which allows you to select a drive ratio to suit the load. With market leading safety features and the ability to upgrade to a full powered operation, Mech Assist is a smart choice.

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Product Features and Benefits

  • The Mech Assist carriages can be designed to take shelving, racking, cabinets, even non Dexion products can be fitted to the Mech Assist carriages (ideal for re-use of existing shelving components).
  • Available in standard lengths up to 13.7m. Greater carriage lengths are possible, depending on system load factors.
  • Maximum load carrying capacity of 1,500 kg per linear metre.
  • Standard carriages up to 1200mm depth (deeper carriages can be designed on request).
  • The unique in-track anti-tilt safety mechanism is superior to conventional overhead mechanisms and eliminates obtrusive overhead bars. Anti-tilt devices are engineered to comply with all seismic requirements, providing an extra measure of system stability and safety – even in areas prone to earthquakes.
  • To assure the smoothest possible operation, an integrated chain tensioner can be easily adjusted to fine tune the carriage drive. This operation only takes a few seconds as a minor service adjustment without disassembly of the system.
  • Select from three drive ratios. By appropriately matching the system drive ratio to the load, operation becomes smooth and effortless. Very little force or exertion is needed to open an aisle.
  • By adjusting track size, spacing and orientation, floor loads can be optimally distributed at practical bearing points.
  • All tracks are fully supported and grouted to evenly distribute system weight.
  • Carriage wheels and tracks are machine tooled for precision and tolerance to ensure maximum strength and system life.
  • Welded-steel carriage sections enhance the Compactus® alignment and reduce binding, racking and misalignment of carriage and shelving.
  • The three spoked handle is moulded from a composite of 33% fiberglass and nylon will not bend or rust.
  • Laminate end panels as provided as standard and can be selected from a range of colours.
  • Options available: Synchronized Drive System, Safety Lock, Hub Lock, One-Piece Track System, Mechanical Safety Sweep
  • Please refer to Spec Sheet for detailed information on the options available

Product Specifications

System Type

Mechanically Assisted

Track System

Standard B Anti-tilt track with dual flange guidance.
Other track profiles are available depending on size and weight loads

Shelving Accessory System

Standard Ultima CI-80 and Longspan

Shelving Height

Ultima 975, 1875, 2175, 2400mm
Longspan 1200, 2000, 2200, 2500, 3000mm

Shelving Width

Ultima 750, 900, 1050, 1200mm
Longspan 900, 1200, 1500^ 1800, 2100, 2400mm

Shelving Depth

Ultima 250 , 300, 400, 450, 500, 600mm
Longspan 405, 455, 505, 605, 765, 905, 1205mm

Maximum Carriage Carrying Capacity

Up to 1500kg per linear meter*

Standard Colours

Shelving: Stone White
Base Carriages: Furniture White
Laminate Face Panels: White low-pressure laminate with black trims
Beams & Shelves: Stone White
Uprights: Athracite
Track & Carriages: Anodized Aluminimum


^ Made to order

Maximum System Width

13.7m longer on request

Overall System Heights (from top of track)

Ultima 1120, 2020, 2320, 2545mm
Longspan 1345, 2145, 2345, 2645, 3145mm