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Optimise your floorspace, ensure workplace safety and improve efficiencies with the Compactus® range. Mounted on mobile bases and runners, our innovative storage cabinets come in various sizes, configurations, styles and purposes. From heavy-duty mobile shelving that can hold 14,000kg+ to stylish and compact storage solutions, find the best flexible moveable shelving system for your business here.

Eclipse Powered Compactus®


Mech Assist Compactus®


Freetrack 2 Compactus®


Side2Side 2 Compactus®

Freetrack 2 Longspan Compactus

Freetrack 2 Longspan Compactus®


Freetrack 2 Compactus® with Dynamic Locking

mekdrive 3 compactus

Mekdrive 3 Compactus®

longspan compactus

Mekdrive 3 Longspan Compactus®


EasyFit Wire Compactus®


MaxiDRIVE Compactus®


Types of Compactus® units

Compactus® is available in three compact shelving configurations: 

Manual – adjustable mobile shelving units accessed by physical effort. 

Mechanically assisted – components help move shelving mechanically but with some physical effort. 

Motorised – mobile shelving systems that rely entirely on an electric motor or automated system to move. No physical effort is required. 

The storage systems suit a wide range of applications, from warehouses, factories, retailers, and education and healthcare facilities to legal services, garages, libraries, galleries, archives, government offices and more. 

Benefits of Compactus® storage

Depending on the mobile shelving unit you require, you can expect impressive benefits.

✓ Flexible storage systems that save up to 50% space. 

✓ Market-leading safety features such as an in-track anti-tilting. 

Compactus accessories for versatile customisation. 

✓ Customised design – carriage length, number of shelves, etc. 

✓ Huge load capacity – up to 14,440kg. 

✓ Stylish design. 

✓ Simple assembly. 

✓ 10-year warranty.

Choose Dexion Compactus® shelving

There is no better brand for compact mobile shelving than Dexion. Why do some of the biggest businesses rely on us? 

  • We’ve been storage experts for over 80 years – there’s no storage challenge you have that we cannot solve! 
  • Workplace safety is the backbone of everything we do. 
  • We are true innovators and are always exploring the best new way to achieve storage wins for you. 
  • We are committed to saving you space, safely improving your workflow and helping your business grow. 
  • We’re confident in our products and offer warranties to back them up. 
  • Our materials and processes are of the highest quality and compliance possible.

Contact us about Dexion Compactus®

Rely on us for your compact mobile shelving systems. Call our team today to learn more about any products or discuss your specific storage challenge. We’re here to help!

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What is a compact mobile shelving system? 

Sometimes referred to as high-density mobile shelving, this storage solution is focused on optimising space and reducing unnecessary aisle footprints. The beauty of its mobile nature means you can create moveable aisles or storage spaces. 

How much does a Compactus® cost? 

This collection has many models, most of which can be tailored to suit your business needs. For this reason, costs vary. Contact our team, and we can quickly provide you with an estimate.

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